Get 25% Secular Homeschool History

Are you tired of....

  • boring history that only focuses on wars?
  • white-washed and eurocentric history that ignores lesser known cultures?
  • secular history that isn't really secular?

Secular. Homeschool. History

The no nonsense guide to teaching history.

Featuring literature, timelines, maps, hands-on activities, games, videos, writing, and more. 

Get in on the BETA Level! Save money and get the opportunity to tell us exactly what else you want!

They'll Learn:

Interesting history! Not just wars and conflict but culture, inventions, and people.

More than just Eurocentric history.

History is fun and exciting! You'll see how to bring history to life so it's a subject they look forward to and not just tolerate.

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*** This is a BETA Version of this product. The entire curriculum is not complete. You have the chance to buy the curriculum at a significant discount and give your feedback to improve the curriculum.


Hands-On Activities

Maps and Timelines


and more

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